Mission, Vision & Values

Mission, Vision & Values

A proud history that started in 1985

In 1985 a group of Resource Teachers began to recognize many common concerns and needs of professionals working with exceptional children and their families. Annual conferences were sponsored to address those needs and led to an interest in the development of a provincially recognized organization. In 1990 this interest resulted in the accreditation of the Early Childhood Resource Teacher Network of Ontario. The following links outline the philosophy, objectives and by-laws by which the ECRTNO operates.


The Network promotes the inclusion of children with varying needs and abilities, in their communities, by providing a forum for networking, education, professional development, and collaborative advocacy for Resource Teachers and Consultants across the province of Ontario,


Early Childhood Resource Teachers as leading collaborators in building inclusive communities for children across the province of Ontario.


We believe that everybody benefits in an inclusive community setting.

We achieve better outcomes and results by working together with families, community partners, and provincial policymakers.

Life-long learning
We seek professional education and development on a regular basis and we are aware of current best practices of our profession and its applications.

We believe that by providing a collective voice for our profession we become leaders in our communities in promoting inclusion for all children.


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